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Marie-France Mackinnon
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National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) is the premier trade association for the recreational boating industry in North America. The association`s more than 1,600 members produce approximately 80 percent of the marine products enjoyed by boaters in North America. NMMA is the industry`s primary voice on public policy advocacy for regulatory and legislative actions that have the potential to impact manufacturers and consumers. These efforts are increasingly focused on environmental regulations that raise manufacturing costs and restrict boaters` use of marine products. NMMA develops marketing programs to attract new participants to boating, compiles industry statistics, works to assure public access to waterways and promotes water safety and environmental awareness among boaters. The association is also active in promoting quality assurance through its Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and NMMA Certified programs. NMMA Certified verifies that boats, trailers, personal watercraft and engine oil satisfy the rigorous standards based on those established by the American Boat & Yacht Council. So, when the NMMA Certified logo is on the capacity label, boaters know they are riding a high quality craft. In the international arena, NMMA helps members identify and develop export opportunities for marine products, and works to overcome obstacles to free trade.