World Marinas Conference Industry Reconnect Webinar Series

ICOMIA World Marinas Conference (WMC) Industry Reconnect webinar series will bring you four different sessions, 90 min long, with leading industry panellist and the opportunity for a productive Q&A session.

ICOMIA WMC Industry Reconnect will run as free to register webinar series, aiming to bring the industry together and provide a forum to discuss pressing topics in the current Covid-19 crisis.

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The webinar series includes the following sessions:

  1. State of the industry around the globe (6th October at 10 am UTC)
  2. Boating and Tourism with Covid19 – what’s next? (13th October at 11 am UTC) 
  3. Technology looking forward (20th October at 11 am UTC)
  4. Vision of CHANGE (27th October at 12 pm UTC) 

Register now as there is limited space.

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