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Exporters Committee

The ICOMIA Exporters’ Committee provides members a forum to share knowledge on export markets, discuss import regulations and exchange information on overseas boat/trade show experiences.


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Grow Boating Committee

The ICOMIA Grow Boating Committee provides a forum for members to examine current campaigns dedicated to growing recreational boating globally.

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ICOMIA Central Member Distribution

Welcome to the General section of the ICOMIA website.  Here you will find papers, and minutes and presentations from the ICOMIA AGM and Combined meetings, etc. 

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Marinas Group (IMG)

The ICOMIA Marinas Group seeks to improve the sharing and exchange of information with respect to the development and best practice management of marinas, boat storage facilities, boating access and associated infrastructure throughout the world.

The universal mission of the ICOMIA Marinas Group (IMG) is to improve the quality of the recreational boating experience through the development of marinas, yacht harbours, boatyards and small boat launching ramps.

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