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  • The Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports - POLBOAT

    al. ks. J. Poniatowskiego 1
    03-901 Warsaw Poland
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    Michal Bak SG
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    The Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports was founded 11 May 2006 in Warsaw. The founding members were over a hundred companies and associations working in the marine industry, marine services and water sports. Currently, the Chamber brings together the largest boat manufacturers and their suppliers operating in the country and beyond. Industrial potential of these businesses is a production of over 20 000 motor boats and yachts per year. In addition, members of the Chamber are also companies that provide various services related to the broadly defined recreation and water sports.

    The main goals of the Chamber are:
    - Promotion members during international trade fairs, or by organizing B2B meetings
    - Supporting members in the local communities - to win new business contacts
    - Active participation in legislative activities targeting government laws relating to the industry

    Office open hours :
    Monday - Friday 8:00 - 16.00

    Telephone number: +48 735 45 22 33


  • TROTON Spółka z o.o. - Sea-Line

    78-120 Goscino,
    Zabrowo 14A
    78-120 Goscino