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  • German Boat and Shipbuilders Association - DBSV

    30 12 27
    Sternstrasse 108 D-20357 Hamburg
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    Claus-Ehlert Meyer
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    DBSV (Deutscher Boots und Schiffbauer Verband) was founded 50 years ago, formally linking regional associations which date back to the last century. The Association now comprises more than 430 members, with a core of boatbuilders, involved in pleasure boats of all sizes as well as small commercial craft. Taking account of the changes in the boating industry, the membership has broadened to include dealers and brokers, chandlers, equipment manufacturers, sailmakers, material suppliers, engine manufacturers, yacht designers and surveyors. The majority of the yards are small enterprises specialising in certain types of boats, materials and manufacturing methods. Modern wood technologies are a backbone of many of these companies. Co-operation among yards to achieve the high quality demanded by the customers is a natural way to develop the market. German-built racing boats, in particular, are still earning a world-wide reputation and are an excellent ambassador for exports which have risen to more than 50% of the total production. DBSV has actively supported this development for a long time by providing joint national exhibits at many of the world`s major boat shows. The Association`s main objective is to improve the commercial conditions under which members are operating. This is achieved through a 3½-year apprenticeship in boatbuilding and, as a follow-up, through technical and business seminars for all members at regular intervals. Recent years have also seen an extensive seminar programme on the practical requirements of the European Boat Directive. DBSV`s quarterly trade magazine Bootswirtschaft has two objectives: to inform members on technical and commercial issues and to provide a PR platform for the boating industry to announce new products and developments. The liaison with government agencies and authorities requires an ever-increasing proportion of DBSV staff`s time, especially dealing with environmental aspects. Manufacturer and user associations are collaborating to achieve a balance with public non-boating interests. The unification of Germany is an extraordinary challenge to the industry as the coastline has doubled, and the very attractive inland waterways - lakes of all sizes, rivers and canals - promise a steady increase in boating once the infrastructure has been developed.

  • German Marine Federation - BVWW

    Gunther-Plüschow-Str. 8
    D-50829 Köln
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    Jürgen Tracht
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    Since 1961 the German Marine Federation (Bundesverband Wassersportwirtschaft) has been a contact point for the water sports industry and views itself as a lobbying body representing the interests of all companies commercially active in this sector. The Federation is in permanent contact with the most relevant committees and parliamentarians and is involved in consultations and decision-making processes regarding all water sports-related issues. Accordingly, member companies are informed early about political developments. Water sports are an international topic, which is why the Federation’s political involvement goes far beyond Germany. To assert the interests of German water sports cooperation in many international bodies is required as well as permanent presence on all levels of the European Union.

    The Federation’s own magazine Wassersport-Wirtschaft regularly informs readers on trends in the industry.

    Since 1971 the German Marine Federation (Bundesverband Wassersportwirtschaft) has been the conceptual sponsor of boot Düsseldorf.

  • Arxada

    Troy Chemie GmbH
    Freundallee 9A
    D-30173 Hannover
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    Carsten Baehr / Peter van Aken
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    carsten.baehr@arxada.com / peter.vanaken@Arxada.com

    Arxada is a global specialty chemicals business with a world-class offering in microbial control solutions. We provide a broad portfolio of advanced products targeted at the marine antifouling market, supported by leading regulatory capabilities, IP expertise, and an established track record in R&D. We deliver unique, innovative solutions protecting vessels, boats and marine structures against harmful fouling and growth.

    Arxada’s Omadine® technology provides long lasting protection against slime and algae. Our UmiGard® technology enhances the performance of antifouling paints. Global compliance and the favorable environmental profile of our products allow the use of our solutions all over the world in any type of fouling protection.

    Visit arxada.com to see how we offer customers new levels of control, performance, reliability, and sustainability, enabled by one of the largest global manufacturing and supply networks in the industry.

  • Messe Düsseldorf GmbH

    Stockumer Kirchstr. 61
    40474 Düsseldorf
    Contact Name
    Petros Michelidakis
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  • Wrede Consulting GmbH

    Leunastr. 67a
    22761 Hamburg
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    Kay-Johannes Wrede
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    Wrede Consulting, founded in 1999 by the CEO Kay Wrede, is your coating consultant for super- and megayachts.

    Kay Wrede grew up around ships and started to acquire practical shipbuilding experience from an early age. He began by doing odd jobs for his father in the family shipyard when he was 5 years old. „I was always fascinated by ships, the construction and all the different parts that go into them.”

    When he took over the shipyard as a grown-up, he realized that there was no technology available to measure the quality of surfaces – which is how the idea of „Wrede Consulting“ was born.

    A superyacht newbuild or refit is a huge investment. Therefore it’s important for the owner to be aware of e the quality of the paint. Wrede Consulting has established a system which measures the finish of top coated surfaces. This turns the process from a subjective assessment into an objective, measurable evaluation that allows all parties to be aware of the quality.

    Today, the company has successfully supported over 150 projects worldwide including the most prestigious and largest yachts in the world.
    Everyone at Wrede Consulting, starting at Surveyor level and progressing to Inspector & Consultant, works with the same unique and recognizable mindset and quality standards.

    We are your experts with over 20 years of experience in the superyacht segment, so we can offer special, tailor-made packages and structures to ensure your topcoat is near perfect. We always aim to have the highest quality and newest state-of-the-art technology. We strive every day to develop and implement innovations to be the preferred choice for all our partners.