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  • China Boat Industry & Trade Association - CBITA

    F9, No 118 Qinghai Road
    Shanghai, 200041

    China Boat Industry and Trade Association (CBITA) is the premier trade association for the recreational boating industry in China. This non-profit association was established in 2000 approved by Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People`s Republic of China and it has been recruiting more than 200 members in the past 10 years. CBITA is involved in research, design, manufacture, repair, service, trade, education on boating and relevant technical equipment. CBITA produces China`s largest China (Shanghai) International Boat Show and it is expected to unveil its 15th edition in April 2010. The 14th CIBS 2009 was reported to have generated a turnover of about 35,000,000 USD.

  • China Cruise & Yacht Industry Association - CCYIA

    Maple International Center
    Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.
    Office A-1506, Xichimen North Road No.32
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    Stella Zheng
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    China Cruise & Yacht Industry Association (CCYIA) was founded in November 2006. Its headquarters are in Beijing, China, and it has 21 permanent staff. Mr. Zheng Weihang is the executive Chairman and secretary general of CCYIA. As trusted by Chinese government, CCYIA is responsible for leading and developing yacht industry and cruise industry in China.


    CCYIA’s responsibilities regarding yacht industry includes:


    A. Facilitate Chinese central government in formulating industry policies:

    CCYIA acts as adviser and consultant of Chinese government. CCYIA has set up professional research teams and completed research and studies trusted by China National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Public Security, National Tourism Administration, and Administration of Customs. CCYIA advises to Ministry of Finance and National Administration of Taxation regarding reducing or exempting special consumption tax imposed on yacht purchase.


    B. Advise Chinese cities on developing yacht industry

    Each year, CCYIA completes research studies concerning yacht policies, yacht industry plan, and yacht market studies, all of which are trusted by local government of Chinese cities.

    Chinese coastal cities including Xiamen, Fuzhou, Sanya, Haikou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, and Shenzhen have been advised by CCYIA and started to reserve public coastal lines for public marinas. Some of them have already planned to build public marinas and boat launch facilities. Such actions would substantially improve the industry’s status quo. In the meanwhile, building public yacht marina has been recognized by local governments. CCYIA’s efforts and contribution have been highly recognized by the yacht industry and boating will definitely become a popular activity for tasteful water entertainment. In October 2008, CCYIA set up National Commanding Committee of Yacht Expert (NCCYE) consisting of 29 experts from 8 central government agencies. In March, 2010, China Yacht Club Cooperation Union was established, and it consists 21 established yacht clubs and yacht companies.


    C. Hold Yacht Summit and Expo

    1. In October, 2008, the first China Yacht Industry Summit was held in Beijing.
    2. In April, 2009, Domestic Yacht Consumption Seminar was held in Kunshan, Shanghai, where domestic sales was highlighted and ideas regarding business model were provide for many yacht manufacturers.
    3. In March, 2010, CCYIA, Tourism Commission of Hainan province, and Haikou City Government co-hosted the 2nd China Yacht Industry Summit and 1st Haikou Yacht Economy Forum where China Yacht Club Cooperation Union was founded and China Yacht Development Declaration (Haikou) was released.
    4. In September, 2010, CCYIA and Fuzhou City Government co-hosted 1st Cross-Strait Yacht Industry Cooperation Forum and Exhibition.
    5. In July, 2011, CCYIA and Zhoushan City Government co-hosted China Maritime Economy and Yacht Club Forum & Exhibition.
    6. In December, 2011, CCYIA, Tourism Commission of Hainan province, and Haikou City Government co-hosted China Yacht Industry Conference & 2nd Haikou Yacht Economy Forum.
    Every year, CCYIA holds policy seminars, symposiums targeted on special project, and theme forums, thus bridging government and the international business circle.
    CCYIA publishes China Yacht Industry on monthly basis, and sends the copies to Chinese government agencies, coastal city governments, and members free of charge.
    CCYIA publishes China Yacht Industry Report annually.


    Plan for 2013-2017 Period

    CCYIA is one of major associations dedicated to promoting yacht industry in China. In the next five years, CCYIA will continue to promote yacht life style and intensify its efforts in the following areas:

    1. Assist Chinese government agencies in drafting and formulating policies and measures aimed at simplifying boating rules and exit & entry inspection procedures;
    2. Assist local governments in formulating yacht industry development plan and facilitate public marina planning and construction;
    3. Set up boat trading platform and provide international, modern trading network for Chinese consumers;
    4. Chart yacht tourism itineraries that tailor to Chinese consumers;
    5. Organize national boat renting center and provide boating information;
    6. Set up cooperation and coordination platform for yacht clubs;
    7. Set up yacht management training systems; and
    8. Introduce boat finance and boat insurance and provide guarantee for boat consumers.