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Welcome to the online Regulatory Reference Guide (RRG). It offers you the opportunity to search, sort and consult the rules impacting the recreational marine. The ICOMIA Secretariat invites all MIAs to check and update their sections frequently. We are sure that you will appreciate this very informative tool.

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Updated date Country Criteria
April 21, 2020 South Africa Government support of industry during COVID-19

Government has introduced a Small Business Relief Fund and commercial banks are looking at various relief measures for customers.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund has offered R3 500 per employee per month (at today’s exchange rate USD195). There is also a Temporary Employment Relief programme offering R17 000 per employee per month (USD947).

Some tax relief measures were announced recently and they generally apply to lower income earners and there will be delays on employee tax liabilities.

April 21, 2020 Grenada Government support of industry during COVID-19
April 21, 2020 Hong Kong Government support of industry during COVID-19

The HKBIA has been in contact with various charter associations and are collectively drafting a letter to seek for more support from the government.

April 21, 2020 Hungary Government support of industry during COVID-19

The government issued a lockdown (stay-at-home) for two weeks, starting on Saturday 28th March till 11th April, people in Hungary will only be allowed to leave their homes for "substantial reasons," though the list of these exceptions is rather extensive, ranging from grocery shopping to manicures.
Since Hungary has no connection to the sea, only inland waterways, boating is allowed, but if you are not with your family members you must hold 1.5 meters distance. Owners can't live permanently on their boat as it is not a residence, only a recreational place.
Effects on the marine Industry:
- all the customers who ordered sailing or power boat by the last Boat Show will be served, new customers stepped back and sales have stopped
- orders in the shops have stopped but have increased online
- sailing school courses are postponed or cancelled
- charter reservations have been cancelled for April, May, June, on sea 2020/2021 winter reservation are also stopped
- charter on the sea (abroad: Croatia, Greece, Seychelles etc.) decreased
- closing marinas is not mandatory but some of them decided restrictions, otherwise they declare it as a workplace. Working is limited, owners can only work on their boat, otherwise boat owners can visit their boat but limited
- Hungarian Sailing Federation decided to postpone the regattas to further notice
- no passenger boats traffic allowed

April 21, 2020 Ireland Government support of industry during COVID-19

There are a small number of state-aid for businesses, but so far the most significant one is the Temporary COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Scheme. Up to €410 of weekly salary is paid by the State if the Company qualifies for the scheme.

April 21, 2020 Italy Government support of industry during COVID-19

Currently the following government financial support is anticipated:
1)All the financial loans and leasing contracts have been suspended for 3 months in order to preserve the financial liquidity of the companies
2)The payment of VAT to the state and other taxes, together with the high contributions on the wages of employees have been suspended for 3 months
3)A tax credit has been granted to shops, restaurants (even the ones operating inside marinas) who can prove they had losses caused by Covid-19 situation, by comparing the income from the previous year.
The government has suspended concession fees until the end of July. A request has been made to grant the same benefits to marinas

The Government has published on 8th April a decree with measures to give immediate liquidity to the industry (€400 billion in State guarantees to support business and exports)
Other measures to support the businesses are expected after Easter.

April 21, 2020 Israel Government support of industry during COVID-19

Government supports associations and the agricultural field. No special support for marinas is noted. All costs of repairing boats are on boaters.

April 21, 2020 Japan Government support of industry during COVID-19

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA) and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) jointly produced an easy-to-understand video clip explaining measures for addressing the novel coronavirus disease.

MHLW has introduced the employment continuation subsidy. They will support 75-90% of leave compensation from April to June.

Aiming to encourage companies to introduce teleworking into their working styles, the Japan Government will collect and convey information on teleworking-related measures and that on activities of companies in the information communication industry for supporting their workers.

If an SME is a business in an industry severely affected by the disease and it faces a decline in sales of 5% or more from the previous year, it is eligible to make use of a financing guarantee of 80% of the loan amount under a framework of up to 280 million yen, which is separate from a general financing guarantee.

April 21, 2020 Poland Government support of industry during COVID-19

The Polish government has introduced a plan to support entrepreneurs, whose main points are
- Exemption from social security, health insurance contributions for 3 months, from March to May for enterprises employing up to 9 people and self-employed
- coverage by the state of 40% of salaries for employees
- loans to employers to help maintain cash flow of companies

April 21, 2020 Portugal Government support of industry during COVID-19

Many financial measures have been published to help the workers and the companies. Most of them trying to avoid unemployment. Many more will follow as we are far from seeing the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.