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Welcome to the online Regulatory Reference Guide (RRG). It offers you the opportunity to search, sort and consult the rules impacting the recreational marine. The ICOMIA Secretariat invites all MIAs to check and update their sections frequently. We are sure that you will appreciate this very informative tool.

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Updated date Country Criteria
October 28, 2014 Canada Styrene Levels

Varying limits by Province in force. Some potential new regulations pending in Province of Quebec

October 28, 2014 Canada Registration

All vessel capable of being powered by engines over 9.9hp must be licensed. Licenses are valid for 10 years. The system is run by Transport Canda. Discussions are ongoing to begin charging for the licenses and system to be upgraded to all be on-line. Visit the following site for additional information:

October 28, 2014 Canada Product Liability

New consumer protection legislation in place requiring importers and manufacturers to report to Health Canada and recalls for products (mostly engines are affected)

October 28, 2014 Canada Operating Limits

New age and horsepower restrictions for powerboat drivers went into effect April 1, 1999. For complete details visit Transport Canada at:

October 28, 2014 Canada Drivers Licences

As of September 2009, all powerboat operators in Canada required to have prove of competency to operate a boat. A test is to be taken - course providers regulated by Transport Canada. For complete details visit Transport Canada web site at:

October 8, 2014 Sweden Styrene Levels

20 ppm in force for existing factories, 10 ppm required when building new ones from 2010. Outside factory limit under consideration.

October 7, 2014 Sweden Environment

Baltic Strategy, Helcom Agreement, came into force on 1 January 2001. New legislation came into force on 1 October 2002 requiring all pleasure craft harbours to produce and publish a waste management plan. At a HELCOM meeting in January 2004 a preliminary decision was taken to grant exceptions for pleasure craft regarding emptying of toilet tanks and toilet retention systems. From April 1 2015 a total prohibition against black water emtying.

October 3, 2014 Czech Republic Registration

Seagoing yachts up to 24m hull length: registration in Maritime office of Ministry of Transport. Inland waterways - registration of yachts with engine over 4kW or sail area over 12 sqm. registration in Statni Plavebni Sprava

October 3, 2014 Czech Republic Drivers Licences

Seagoing yachts up to 24m hull length. C - coastal waters up to 20 miles from the coastline and LOA up to 16m, B - offshore up to 200 miles from the coastline,and LOA up to 24m A - ocean - without limitations Inland waterways - driving licence for small crafts up to 20m LOA, engine pover over 4 kW and sail area over 12 sqm

October 3, 2014 Czech Republic Construction Standards and Certification

Recreational Craft Directive 94/24/EC as amended by Directive 2003/44/EC