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Welcome to the online Regulatory Reference Guide (RRG). It offers you the opportunity to search, sort and consult the rules impacting the recreational marine. The ICOMIA Secretariat invites all MIAs to check and update their sections frequently. We are sure that you will appreciate this very informative tool.

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Updated date Country Criteria
October 30, 2015 United Kingdom Environment

Current issues in the UK include: Non Native Alien Species - British Marine is working closely with UK Government to set up management measures to restrict the introduction and spread of certain species. Marine Strategy Framework Directive British Marine is engaged with UK Government on the implementation of the MSFD with particular interest in the following Descriptors: Descriptor 2: Non-indigenous species Descriptor 7: Alteration of hydrographical conditions Descriptor 8: Contaminants Descriptor 10: Marine litter Descriptor 11: Introduction of energy, including underwater noise WFD The UK will soon be consulting on their suite of measures to achieve Good Ecological Status. British Marine will be promoting The Green Blue project as one such measure set up by the industry to manage the impact recreational boating has on the marine environment

October 30, 2015 United Kingdom Drivers Licences

No national compulsory licensing scheme. Certain controlling authorities demand a certificate of competence as a condition of permit to launch

October 30, 2015 United Kingdom Construction Standards and Certification

RCD principle requirement transposed as Recreational Craft Regulations 2004. 1. Boat Safety Scheme examination in force on inland waterways after 4 years use. 2. MCA Small Commercial Vessel Code (<24m) for charter boats and workboats. 3. Yachts which are 24 metres and over in load line length, are in commercial use for sport or pleasure, do not carry cargo and do not carry more than 12 passengers. Large Yacht Code 3rd edition (LY3)4. Passenger Yacht Code (PYC) for pleasure yachts of any size, in private use or engaged in trade, which carry more than 12 but not more than 36 passengers 5. All craft are subject to the Merchant Shipping regulations (Merchant Shipping Act 2005)

October 30, 2015 Poland Taxation

VAT 23% is compulsory on all new products and commercial services. Short-term rental of a yacht is subject to VAT in the country where the means of transport at the time of acquisition of real control by the user.

October 30, 2015 Poland Styrene Levels

Short and long TWA exposure levels: 200 mg/m3 and 50 mg/m3

October 30, 2015 Poland Safety Equipment

Life jackets must be kept on board all ships in sufficient numbers for all persons on board. In addition, the obligation to have lifebuoys and appropriate fire extinguishers in the number specified depending on its size, purpose , power, propulsion machinery and equipment posing a fire hazard.

October 30, 2015 Poland Registration

There is no duty to registration inland sailboats length up to 12 m or inland motorboats with engine power of 15 kW and the units powered solely by human muscle used exclusively for sport or recreation. Vessels exempted from registration may be registered at the request of the owner.

October 30, 2015 Poland Product Liability

All EU states apply Directive 1999/44/ECAll EU states apply Directive 1999/44/EC

October 30, 2015 Poland Operating Limits

Local speed limits in force.

October 30, 2015 Poland Marinas and Harbours

All marinas, private or public, are obliged to provide collection facility, acc. to ISO standard for holding tanks ref. to the Baltic Convention.