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Welcome to the online Regulatory Reference Guide (RRG). It offers you the opportunity to search, sort and consult the rules impacting the recreational marine. The ICOMIA Secretariat invites all MIAs to check and update their sections frequently. We are sure that you will appreciate this very informative tool.

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Government support of industry during COVID-19
May 11, 2020

Some federal taxes has been delayed by the government
Loan facilities were offered for the industry 

COVID-19 Restrictions
May 11, 2020

A number of state governments have take stricter lockdown measures (Brazil is a country of continental size and have differents issues by region)

May 1, 2020

A 10% consumption tax is imposed on every product exclude grocery from October 1st, 2019.

Government support of industry during COVID-19
April 28, 2020

All employees which can not work because of decisions of the government , a.e.   no watersports are allowed anymore, will receive 70 % of their loan from the government.

Small business which have to stop all their activities (sport clubs) receive 100 euro and from 15th of March 160 euro  for every  closed day.

The government will announce new rules from 4th of May  to start up the economy again. 

COVID-19 Restrictions
April 21, 2020

Some manufacturing plants and dealerships are still open due to state specific rules on "essential services". Local boat ramps and marinas are being closed due to unfortunate incidents of "boat parties" during this crisis. However, marinas in the US are subjected to different regulations in all the 50 states. States are using different criteria to be classified as essential businesses to remain open.
- Provide critical infrastructure ( dockage) to Harbor Masters USCG and other law enforcement.
- Support fishing and aquaculture industries including maintenance and repair of vessels
- Support employees needed to operate pump out services critical to waste management
Massachusetts--- businesses that support essential employees in the fishing and seafood industries
New Jersey----Marinas continue to operate as long as they practice social distancing
Connecticut---- Marinas are considered essential services
Wisconsin---- Continue to operate using social distancing
Georgia---Continue to operate using social distancing. No more than five on board and 50 ft between vessels

The industry is preparing for a 50% reduction in sales in the coming year.

COVID-19 Restrictions
April 21, 2020

On Tuesday 31st March, Poland introduced further restrictions. The penalty for violating them is a fine up to a maximum of 30,000 zloty (EU6,600). They include:
- Pedestrians must remain 2 metres apart from one another, even if they are walking together. This includes members of the same family. Exceptions are made for children under 13 or people with disabilities
- Shops can only admit 3 customers at the same time for each cash register they have
- Outdoor markets and post offices will have similar restrictions on customer numbers
- Customers in all shops must wear disposable gloves
- Workplaces must separate work stations by at least 1.5 metres and employees must wear gloves
- Parks, beaches and various other public recreation spaces are closed
- Hotels and other short-term rental accommodation are closed (apart from those for use in quarantine or isolation, or for medical personnel)
- Grocery shops and pharmacies to only serve customers over 65 years old between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. every day
- Anyone living with a person under a legal quarantine order must also be quarantined

As for the yacht industry, companies are still operating. Producers of boats and yachts see the main problems in the supply of various types of components and equipment. That's why two of the largest Polish shipyards Ostroda Yacht and Delphia Yachts, both being part of the Beneteau Group, suspended production for several weeks. This is a big problem for hundreds of small suppliers, for whom these shipyards were the main recipients of their products or services.
Earlier two shipyards have suspended production - Mirage Boats (Norwegian capital and management) and Viking (aluminum fishing boats mainly for the Scandinavian market).

COVID-19 Restrictions
April 21, 2020

The President has declared the state of emergency on the 19th of March. This has given the power to the Government to take a number of urgent measures. To complete lock down of the country, most businesses had to close, restaurants can operate on take away only, all big events had to be cancelled. The borders with Spain have been closed to avoid contamination.

Marinas and other ports are closed to any boats with foreign flag. They can come in port only for fuel or urgent supplies but the crews are not allowed to come ashore. All boating activities have been forbidden. Almost all commercial activities have been closed in the marinas. Maintenance works are allowed and the marinas are working on reduced schedules, with minimum staff but guaranteeing all services to the boats.

Tourism in Portugal is one of the biggest industries, we are being hit in a very hard way and right when the season was starting.

COVID-19 Restrictions
April 21, 2020

Brazil is on lockdown for non-essential sectors. Even football matches have been suspended. Yet, given the vastness of the country, measures vary according to regional peculiarities, the denser urban areas are being more restrictive, and the countryside more relaxed. While tourism activities, such as hotels, restaurants, air travel and services in general have been hit very hard, our farming sector (agriculture and livestock) hasn’t been affected much so far.
Some municipalities along the coast have taken drastic measures, suspending the operation permit of non-essential establishments, such as hotels and marinas.

COVID-19 Restrictions
April 21, 2020

Since the update on 02-Apr, new cases of infected peoplew in Singapore have skyrocketed (with new record of 1426 cases). Singapore was blindsided by the spread in worker dormitories. Shared common facilities (kitchens & toilets) and cramped living conditions made safe distancing impossible. The country is highly dependent on migrant workers especially in the construction industry. Government is trying to give more space to these workers by relocating some to makeshift accommodation such as unused exhibition halls and floating accommodations (cruise ships as well as floating dormitories used by the oil & gas sector in the heydays).
Singapore has been in partial lockdown since 04-Apr: Safe distancing measures were further ramped up with enforcement powers. Education institutions have closed and switched to full home-based learning (HBL), with daycare arranged for those needing homecare support for children. All non-essential retail has closed. F&B outlets are open only for take-away or delivery. Banking, medical sector, transport, cleaning sectors remain open. Economic sectors critical to global supply chain remain open. All businesses have switched to working from home as much as possible. Everyone is required to stay at home as much as possible and avoid socialising and leave the house only for essential purposes ((buy groceries & exercise). When out, all are encouraged to wear a reusable mask (surgical masks reserved for healthcare workers). This is a turnaround from the previous policy of no mask needed unless sick, because of the rise in untraceable & asymptomatic transmissions.
Port authorities have stopped all recreational boating activity within local waters. Boatowners can access their boats only for checking and urgent maintenance. Foreign arrivals by sea will need to pre-register their arrival (health declaration) and be subjected to 14 day stay home notice.

COVID-19 Restrictions
April 21, 2020

Slovenia is in quarantine since the middle of March. Marinas are closed, receptions operate via phone or email only. Restaurants, bars, hotels, schools and a lot of companies are closed as well. Shops remain closed with the exception of food, pharmacies, petrol stations, banks, and post offices. Public transportation has ceased operations. People are not allowed to travel outside their city of residence. Public gatherings are prohibited, except those who are going to work or grocery shopping or being outside with members of the same household but a safe distance from other people.
The Marina Master team is continuously monitoring the development of corona virus worldwide. The Marina Master activities and businesses keep running smoothly in these unusual circumstances. Marina Master has complete ability to work from home due to the benefits of the Marina Master CRM. Therefore marina owners, managers and marina staff are working from home and boaters are using myMarina solution which enables them to communicate with marinas and view their boat live (stream camera) from home anytime.