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Updated date Country Criteria
May 1, 2005 Ireland Construction Standards and Certification

All EU states and Norway apply Directive 1994/25/EC

May 1, 2005 Hungary Registration

All sailing boats above 5 m length and above 10 m2 sail area and motorboats above 5 m length and 4 kW engine power needs to be registered.

May 1, 2005 Hungary Product Liability

EU Directive and national regulations.

May 1, 2005 Hungary Marinas and Harbours

National regulations for safety equipments, enviromental requirements, other standards. All marinas must fullfill the requiremnts and have a valid license.

May 1, 2005 Hungary Environment

2003/44/EC EU Directive effective from 1st of August 2004

May 1, 2005 Hungary Drivers Licences

Inland Waterways: Minimum age 18, up to 20 meters. Sailing boats above 10 m2 and motorboats over 4 kW needs lthe icense "Certificate of competence for pleasure craft operations". Coastal Waterways and Open sea: Cat IV. up to 3 nm, Cat III. up to 12 nm, Cat II. up to 200 nm, Cat I. no limit. Upgrading to a higher category needs experience. Cat I-II needs ROC

May 1, 2005 Hungary Construction Standards and Certification

EU Directive 94/25 in force. New boats needs to have CE mark

May 1, 2005 Germany Marinas and Harbours

All new marinas and extensions to existing marinas require environmental assessment. Minimum requirements for number of toilets, showers, waste disposal, oil separation, holding tank withdrawal. Regional regulations. No financial support for development.

May 1, 2005 Finland Styrene Levels

20 ppm inside in force.

May 1, 2005 Finland Safety Equipment

National regulations regarding the use of life jackets. All leisure boats must be so equipped for everybody on board (1 May 1997) together with other basic safety equipment.