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Updated date Country Criteria
January 20, 2017 Italy Taxation

VAT Rate is generally 22%. If a boat is purchased with a leasing contract VAT is lowered as follows: 6,6% Powerboats/Sailingboats Lh> 24m; 8,8% Sailingboats between 20.01m and 24m and Powerboats between 16.01m and 24m Lh; 11% Sailingboats between 10.01m and 20m and Powerboats between 12.01m and 16m Lh; 13,2% Sailingboats up to 10m Lh and Powerboats between 7.51m and 12m Lh; 19,8% Powerboats up to 7.50m m Lh; 22% Boats in category D. The Italian law provide exemption of VAT form commercial yacht registered in Italy engaged on charter contract. No usage tax. A tax for transfer of property is due in proportion to the length of the boat.

January 20, 2017 Italy Styrene Levels

100 ppm inside in force.

January 20, 2017 Italy Safety Equipment

Safety equipment on board are compulsory according to the actual distance from the coast and to the number of persons onboard. Italian regulations provide construction and certification requirements for lifebuoys, life rafts, distress signals, magnetic compasses, radar reflectors. Considering the distance from the coast there are different set of safety equipment. The range under consideration are the following: distance from the coast <1 nm between 1 and 3 nm between 3 and 6 nm between 6 and 12 nm between 12 and 50 nm without any distance limit from the coast Charter yacht with length of the hull over 24 meters must comply with some chapters of SOLAS, MARPOL and LSA.

January 20, 2017 Italy Registration

Registration is compulsory for boats over 10 m in length. On a voluntary basis, boats up to Lh 10 m can be registered. Charter yacht with length of the hull over 24 meters can be enrolled in the International Register, (Marine Merchants Register).

January 20, 2017 Italy Product Liability

EU Directive 1999/44/EC is transposed in the Italian law in 2003

January 20, 2017 Italy Operating Limits

PWC must to navigate within 1 mile from the coast. Regional and local authorities rule about navigation and speed limits. Operating limits depend on design category and safety equipment on board. Design category is considered for actual weather conditions apart from the distance from the coast.

January 20, 2017 Italy Marinas and Harbours

Since 2001 planning and standards for new marinas are developed by regional administrations. The new projects are approved according to these standards by the local coastal communities. For very short period mooring a reduction of VAT is granted, provided that the Marina respect some requirements (e.g. waste water collection).

January 20, 2017 Italy Environment

Directive 2000/59/EC was transposed in June 2003. Currently this is not fully applied for leisure boating. 20 marine protected areas were established: navigation in these areas is subjected to restrictions according to local regulations

January 20, 2017 Italy Drivers Licences

From July 2005 licence is required to drive: - PWCs, - any boat (Lh up to 24 m) when navigating over 6 miles of distance from the coast, apart from the engine power, - boats (Lh up to 24 m) with engines power over 30 kW (apart from distance from the coast). Two types of licence are issued: - within a limit of 12 miles from the coast, - without any distance limit. For pleasure vessels with Lh >24 m a special licence is required. Italian law deals with manning and professional titles for seafarers signed on charter yacht. Minimum age is required according to the following: - 18 years for boats over 10 m in length of the hull - 16 years for boats up to 10 m in length of the hull - 14 years for sail boats with sailing area larger than 4 sqm and for rowing boats when navigating over 1 mile from the coast

January 20, 2017 Italy Construction Standards and Certification

Construction Standards and Certification Directive 2013/53/EU as amended by directive 200/44/EC applies to pleasure craft and components within the scope of the directive. Italian regulations apply for craft and components outside the scope of RCD. Boats placed on the EU market before 16 June 1998 should comply with Italian regulations and/or have homologation according the Italian Registry safety regulations. Rules provide crew number and operating limits for not CE marked pleasure craft. With regard to yachts used for commercial purposes, the national law 172/2003 introduced a Large commercial Yacht code dealing with construction, safety and security which was issued in April 2005.