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Updated date Country Criteria
November 25, 2009 Spain Marinas and Harbours

New marinas require environmental assessment from central Government, regional goverments and town council. Financial support for development in some regions. Every year it is more difficult for the construction of new marinas.

November 25, 2009 Spain Construction Standards and Certification

Directive 94/25 (now 2003/44 CE)

November 23, 2009 Norway Registration

Compulsory registration in force from 1 January 1998: Pleasure craft 4.5 m or more (sail or engine power). (Pleasure craft 4.5 m or more without sail or engine are exempted). Compulsory registration lifted as of Jan. 1. 2004. National registrar of pleasureboats to be moved from Norwegian Customs and Excise to the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (private not for profit organization) from Feb 1. 2005. Compulsory registration under consideration again (2005). Proposal for voluntarily registration in Norwegian Ship Registry for boats down to 7 meters LOA passed by June 1 2007.

November 23, 2009 Norway Drivers Licences

Lincences mandatory for all boats longer then 15 m (LOA). Licences for boats over 7 meters and/or with more than 25hp will be in effect from May 1. 2010 for all boaters born after Jan. 1 1980.

November 23, 2009 Belgium Safety Equipment

The list of the mandatory safety equipment is available on the website From 1st January 2009, all motor boats with length > 7m navigating in Belgian inland waterways (either Belgian or visiting craft) have to be equipped with 2 VHF radios (fixed or portable).

November 23, 2009 Belgium Registration

National regulations for all boats in force. Inland Waterways: Registration (Immatriculation Card) must be fixed on the craft. Coastal Waters: For the sea you need a "Vlaggenbrief" / "lettre de pavillon"

November 23, 2009 France Taxation

VAT (19,6%) applies according to EU Directive and EU territoriality. VAT for seagoing rented or leased boats is modulated according to the time spent outside EU waters. As it is quite impossible for leasing or rental companies to calculate this time proportion, boats susceptible to leave territorial waters and equiped for that can apply a uniform reduction of 50% on the VAT rate. An annual tax (see Registration area above) in force for French flagged boats above 7 m Lh, both for hull and engines, calculated on hull length and engine fiscal power. A tax ("Droit de passeport") also applies for third countries flagged boats when the owner is French resident. Boats coming from outside EU and sailing in French or EU waters more than 18 months, have to pay customs fees and VAT (19,6%).

November 23, 2009 France Styrene Levels

For all building facilities, 50 ppm styrene in force. For building facilities producing more than 1 ton of composite per day, solvent / VOC emission reduction scheme in force (this rule based on EU VOC Directive). The same for paint facilities having more than 5 tons of emissions per year. For facilities having both activities, the above regulations cumulate.

November 23, 2009 France Safety Equipment

A new national regulation is in preparation, probably in force in 2008. Three types of equipment would be defined for three types of navigation: basic / coastal / off shore. Until then, national regulations for safety equipment in force since 1st January 2005 ("Division 224"). Excepted for motorboats below 5m and sailing dinghies, the required equipment is different wether navigation is under or above 6 Nm from shelter. For more details, please consult FIN website :

November 23, 2009 France Registration

All sea-going craft greater than 2,5 m in length need to be registered. The Declaration of Conformity in French according to the 2003/44 amendment of the Directive is accepted (ADCO format). Seagoing craft over 7 m in length need a French flag act ("Acte de francisation") and must pay an annual tax. Same for craft below 7 m but with engine power above 22 fiscal HP (about 200 HP). Craft below 7 m in length have a "Carte mer" (registration document). Registration in force for inland boats over 4.5kW and/or over 5 m.