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Updated date Country Criteria
June 23, 2013 Singapore Product Liability

Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act, or CPFTA in effect since March 2004

June 23, 2013 Singapore Marinas and Harbours

Foreign yachts visiting Singapore now required to inform Port Authorities (MPA) of their arrival at least 24 hours prior to arrival. AIS or local transponder required to be fitted.

June 19, 2013 Germany Drivers Licences

Driving licences for all boats more than 11.03 kW in force. Additional requirements have been introduced in certain districts (e.g. Berlin, Bodensee, river Rhein).

July 19, 2012 Germany Styrene Levels

20 ppm inside the factory in force. Survey required for outside the factory.

July 19, 2012 Germany Registration

Boats used on inland waters must register with an official authority, or a user association. Boats over 15m must be registered in the official shipping-register. Fees vary according to size.

June 28, 2012 New Zealand Construction Standards and Certification

Compulsory application for charter and commercial craft in force. Voluntary application for recreational craft. National Compliance Code (CPC) for power boats 3.5 to 8.5 metres or longer subject to being able to legally be trailered on the road.

October 27, 2011 South Africa Operating Limits

There are strict regulations one needs to adhere to if you wish to use a vessel offshore, after dark or for commercial purposes. The guidelines are also in Marine Notice 13 of 2011, available on the SAMSA website

July 4, 2019 Netherlands Drivers Licences

Driving licences for all boats longer than 15m and for motorboats fasther than 20 km/hr are in force.

September 13, 2011 Singapore Taxation

7% GST applies

September 12, 2011 Germany Environment

For new boats cruising the Baltic Sea retension sytems are mandatory since 1.1.2003. Ban of using seatoilets within 12 nm according the Baltic Convention. Boats already put into service have to be equipped with retention systems since 1.1.2005. Exceptions:boats below 11,50 m length or 3,80 m beam or put into service before 1.1.1980