Marina Planning: Common Mistakes to be Avoided

A View from the French Market

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It is not an easy task to present mistakes in marina planning to the full range of experts attending this conference, and it is surely not the most effective way to argue for the French expertise in the matter. But marina planning in France is worth considering, at least for two reasons – In the last thirty years, about 180 marinas and yacht harbours have been built, providing more than 120,000 berths, which is quite a lot. -Two thirds of these marinas were developed by public communities : cities, districts, departements, chambers of commerce, etc… And these public bodies do not have the same financial standards or constraints as private sector developers, which is not the best way to prevent errors… About 10% of these 180 marinas have or are still suffering from severe problems stemming from errors made in the planning of facilities and services. Mistakes and errors were more frequent at the project level, either under public or private development, and have caused a number of abandonments or disillusions, but that was before major works were started. Now, information has improved, and development procedures are becoming increasingly complex, with a large number of checks and constraints_ Risks of major collapse or financial disaster have obviously been reduced, and possibly disappeared in metropolitan France.

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