Hillary`s Marina, Western Australia – Case Study – 10 Years On- Part 2

Commercial Operations within a Marina

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Hillary`s Marina, Western Australia – Case Study – 10 Years On- Part 2- Commercial Operations within a Marina Hillarys Boat Harbour was developed primarily to fulfill a requirement for the State Government to provide an America`s Cup defense facility with an ongoing need and requirement for the boating fraternity of the northern suburbs of Perth. The Directors of Sullivan Commercial have been involved with the development of Hillarys Boat Harbour and Sorrento Quay since 1986. Damian Molony and Peter Duffield provided consultancy advice, strategic planning and leasing initiatives for the Harbour and the Sorrento Quay complex. The retail complex of Sorrento Quay was a joint venture between the State Government of Western Australia and private enterprise whereby a significant waterside and pier based structure was developed at Hillarys Boat Harbour to provide a fast ferry service to Rottnest Island along with a mix of retail, dining and entertainment facilities. The development commenced trading December 1987 and was officially opened in January 1998. Some ten years on, the Harbour has flourished with high visitation levels to the Harbour and strong tenancy demand proving right the original developer`s Planning and Scheme Concept.

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