Hillary`s Marina, Western Australia, Case Study – 10 Years On-Part 1

Planning, Developing & Reviewing

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Hillary`s Marina, Western Australia, Case Study – 10 Years On. Planning, Developing & Reviewing The Hillarys Marina is located on the Indian Ocean shore of Perth, Western Australia. It was built with the initial task of serving the Americas Cup Challenge in 1987 as well as the ongoing task of providing for the recreational boating needs of a small but rapidly expanding urban community. It now serves an urban community of perhaps 200,000 people. The relationship with the Americas Cup Challenge imposed many abnormal pressures and demands when compared with normal marina developments, but it did create a development environment, which opened out the visions of the financial and regulatory community from their previously restrictive and cautious views. The local (to Hillarys) community had been seeking a sheltered recreational boating harbour for at least ten years, but had been unable to obtain public or private funding for a project which could not be financially viable (at the interest rates of the early 1980`s) in its early years. While the Cup caused Governments to offer adequate funds for the harbour itself, it also imposed a severe time constraint in that the harbour had to be authorised, designed and built at a technically unknown site in only three years. Fortunately, the State Government engineers had significant local knowledge in the building of small craft harbours, the local availability of breakwater rock. and the construction of mooring pens and jetties. They were also able to liaise with urban planners and environmental experts, who again had relevant local knowledge, so that the site selection and harbour planning process could be rapidly advanced.

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