Clean Marinas – Florida`s Clean Marina Program

A Partnership Based Approach to Pollution Prevention in the Marine Industry

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This discussion will briefly outline the framework of the program, development efforts, and the implementation strategies and incentives for marinas. The role of the Clean Boating Partnership and education in implementing the program will also be discussed. In order to attain the goal of a sustainable, healthy environment, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection developed and is implementing in partnership with industry a voluntary program for marinas and boatyards. The Clean Marina Program, as developed, provides clear linkages between a clean water environment and profitability for marinas. As intensive water dependent users, marinas must have clean water and shore environments to sustain and increase their economic viability. Also, because the marina business is increasingly the hospitality business, boaters` demand for clean facilities and clean environment has a direct impact upon the success of the marina as a business enterprise

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