Keel Checker

Welcome to the ICOMIA keel-checker!

This section of the ICOMIA website provides a tool to ISO 12215-9 (Hull construction and scantlings – Part 9: Sailing boats – Appendages) coming as a .zip download package consisting of the program, manual, reporting template and a revisions log. The program requires Excel 2007 or higher, please read the manual first which includes detailed instructions on how to get started. This package allows investigating keel designs to discover if they are within the scope of ISO 12215-9. The software is set by default as evaluation version which can be easily extended to the unrestricted version by entering a user code – more details in the user manual. The user code will be received from a separate e-mail address ( and should be on its way following your initial query to access this section of the ICOMIA website – please check your inbox. However, the program may be run in evaluation mode without a user code. Disclaimer: The use of this programme does not provide a means of compliance with ISO 12215-9 (this is why we call it only for evaluation and training) and is entirely at the users` own risk. Notwithstanding the results indicated by this program, the onus is on users to satisfy themselves that the specifics of the standard have been met. The producers of the keel checker and ICOMIA in making the program available through its website do not take any responsibility or liability caused by the use of the keel checker.

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