The International Council of Marine Industry Associations – ICOMIA - is delighted to welcome the Slovenian Marine Industry Association (SMIA) as a Full Member. 

ICOMIA is the international trade association representing the global marine industry since 1966. ICOMIA brings together marine industry associations from across the world in one global organisation and represents them at an international level, presenting a strong and united voice when dealing with issues challenging the industry. 

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ICOMIA has produced a Ceramic Coating Yacht Industry Guideline as a result of our work with leading ceramic coating manufacturers, paint manufacturers, independent coating inspectors, coating supervisors and surveyors, aiming to provide objective industry guidance on ceramic use on large yachts.

The yacht market has identified the need for an industry guidance document detailing key areas of information and considerations when using ceramic coatings or treatments on large yachts. 


The International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) has released the latest edition of its Recreational Boating Industry Statistics.

The ICOMIA Statistics Book, as the only product of its kind, provides a wealth of industry intelligence in one useful reference document. ICOMIA’s statistics are used extensively within the industry, especially by those interested in investing or seeking to work within certain sectors.