Dear All,


A Post-METS Evaluation Meeting will take place during Boot Düsseldorf. The upcoming evaluation meeting is confirmed for Monday 20 January 2020, 1300 – 1400 in Hall 6/Room B-3. Please can I ask all those planning to attend to confirm their attendance? This is no meeting of the Exporters Committee, but its distribution list matches with national pavilion organisers within ICOMIA’s membership.


The Preparation for this meeting usually is carried out through collecting feedback from the organisers of national pavilions at METS. Therefore, can I ask all those who organise a pavilion to send their feedback and suggestions by Tuesday, 14 January 2020? The collation of all comments will be sent to the RAI by letter so they can prepare the discussion. Please can I also ask those who will be at the meeting to prepare a verbal introduction of their comments?


Many thanks

Udo Kleinitz